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Operator for wastewater production

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As a Laborer, you will, without limitation, to:
• Produce, according to the directives received and check the quality of the parts produced
• Cut, drill and sand the parts and perform certain finishing operations as required;
• Scrape and deburr the contours and the score line of certain parts;
• Test the tightness of certain manholes;
• Repair leaky manholes;
• Insert different components;
• Palletize finished parts;
• Participate in mold changes
• Know the models and identify them well;
• Ensure that an orderly workstation is maintained;
•	  Perform other related duties.
Have a good physical capacity and strength;
 Have sufficient manual dexterity and demonstrate thoroughness;
 Know how to read, write, measure and weigh;
 Ability to judge the quality of parts produced according to established standards; Safely use work tools;
Ability to work in a team and independently at his workstation;

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